More Easy Frost and Pest Protection Covers

by Everchanging Gardener on March 26, 2012

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Small covers for frost and pest protection

These trellis ladders make great supports for both frost protection cloth, and later in the season screen material to protect young seedlings from bugs and small animals.

I like things to be as easy as possible when I garden and I’m always on the lookout for easier, and quicker, ways to do things. Right now high on my priority list is looking for better ways to protect the vegetable garden from frost and pests.

I recently came across these supports for a downspout trellis. Seeing them gave me an idea. Why not use the semi-circle shaped pieces to support material that would protect young seedlings from pests. For now, I covered each section with heavy winter frost material. All I need to do is put each section in place over the young seedlings until the colder weather passes. This is not meant to protect warm season crops for an extended period but rather protect cold season crops from freezing temperatures while they are newly sprouted.

Later in the season, my plans are to remove the winter covers and replace them with window screening. This should stop the chipmunks and bugs from eating the new sprouts long enough for them to become well established.

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